How do I give feedback to 100+ students?

Joslyn To

What is triaged person comments?

The concept of triage is one that you’ll see in hospitals when there is certainly a catastrophic event.

When the emergency place has extra patients than it can take care of at once, they’ll do an original client assessment to figure out the severity of their accidents. They’ll address the most everyday living-threatening accidents initially and operate their way down to the minimum intense.

Sometimes, university student function has extra details of responses that we, as academics, want to give students than they can definitely actually digest. Confident, we experience this burning desire to mark all of the comma splices and the verb conjugation glitches and the failures to carry the a single. But if a student sees a page that’s dripping in crimson ink (or the digital equal), it could be frustrating and they may well not study anything at all. Or it could possibly discourage them and do additional hurt than very good.

Triaged particular person suggestions can support. As an alternative of marking all the things, scan the student’s operate and select out just one thing (or two things or 3 factors, based on the activity, the scholar, and the length of the assignment). Give the scholar some actionable suggestions on the focus factors. Then, leave the relaxation of the comments for a further working day.

Are we forsaking the scholar and their development by executing this? Very the reverse. We’re empowering the pupil to make improvements to on 1 or two things in its place of frustrating them with extra issues than they can internalize.

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